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Welcome to my Website

My name is Ruth Webb-Krill and I'm a healer, practitioner, teacher, creator and innovator

in the field of healing.


I started my journey as a practitioner in 2006 having qualified from the College of Psychic Studies in London. I embraced many methods of treatment in the early stages of my career before developing a new and innovative treatment of my own: Ruth Webb-Krill - Releasing Energy Cords , a process which incorporates energetic clearing in challenging relationships and/or the release of malevolent  energy from physical spaces and their surroundings. In recent years I have begun to teach this process to new practitioners developing a team of qualified professionals in the field.


Private consultations are offered via Zoom for individuals or companies. A meeting will only be agreed if through a channeling process of my spiritual guides it is found that I am the appropriate person to offer such a consultation. In this way I guarantee that the process will be right and beneficial to all prospective clients.


If you feel that something is not working in your life and that there is no physical explanation, please contact me to explore a way that might help you to change your circumstances in an unexpected way.

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